Heechul said will forget about this

MissA Jia dan Shangchu (temen AB-lines Hee) ngasih kabar terbaru terkait masalah heenim yg kena lemparan malam ini…

missA Jia weibo Updated:

Just heard that my “student” Hee chul Oppa has hit his eyes by something that threw from fans during the show! I have sent regards to him~He said will forget about it this time~No matter how don’t throw things to stage anymore!And thanks u all for celebrating their Debut 6th anniversary! Help ~~~Safety Come first! ㅜㅡㅜ Continue reading

Shindong Cidera??

Setelah penampilan Cooking Cooking! semua member melepas baju sayuran ditengah panggung. Pada saat itu Shindong terlihat kesulitan melepas kostumnya. Sepertinya pergelangan kaki Shindong terkilir dan dia terbaring ditengah panggung. Siwon membawa Shindong kebelakang untuk sementara waktu, dan setelah itu Shindong ga muncul lagi di panggung.

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260611 FanAccount SS3 in Manila

Hi! I just got back from the concert!! OH MY GOD. IT WAS ONE HECK OF A SUPER SHOW. XD
They were really amazing!! I just wished it was longer and Zhou Mi was there and all that.

Anyways, will just write a brief fan account from what I could remember now. Maybe I’ll post again soon once I check my cam and phone. :’)

Yesung was really overwhelmed when the fans started to sing along with him during his solo. He even said “Thank you very much!” after he sang the whole. Then he smiled and I know he was really amazed by all the fans. There were lots of EunHae/ShiMin. :) )) They were so playful on stage and they keep picking up the things the fans throw at the stage. I don’t know why but I think Shindong is sick or something. He was hurt right after they took off their vegetable costumes. :( Siwon had to carry him backstage to rest for a while.

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