Int Forum

SJ-World -> international  super junior fanbase

SuperLegacy -> newest SUPER JUNIOR international fan forum [sjbubs + TWELFs]

angeleeteuk -> Leeteuk International Forum

KyuMin -> a Super Junior Cho Kyuhyun and Lee Sungmin Fansite

perMINent -> international sungmin fans

chokyulate -> international forum for prince kyu

MyHyukkie -> international forum and subbing team for Super Junior Eunhyuk

Heechul-Petals -> heechul petals official fansclub

RamenSoupSubs -> family outing subbing team

StarKingSubs -> subbing team for star king

Strong Heart Forum -> all about strong heart


Sujunesia -> Super Junior fanbase for Indonesians

Forsujuindo -> ELF Indonesia

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