Part 1: Living on two separate floors at a mixed-use building with strict security

“It has really been a long while since we’re gathered like this.” The Super Junior members gathered together at their dorm for the Sports Seoul interview. From left to right: Leeteuk, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Sungmin, Siwon, Ryeowook, and Yesung. Amongst the nine members who are doing activities, Kyuhyun had to film for a broadcast and was thus unable to be present on that day.

The K-Pop wave is sweeping across the world. K-Pop songs, with its unique performance and stylish melody which cannot be found anywhere else, is spreading its influence not only in Asia, but also in the North American, South American, European, and Middle Eastern regions. Amongst the many idol singers who are leading the K-Pop influence, SM Entertainment’s Super Junior is the one spearheading it. Having debuted 8 years ago in the year 2005, they have captured the hearts of fans worldwide through their songs and performances which can be easily followed by anyone at all, as well as their friendly image. In acknowledgement of these contributions, they received the ‘Daesang’ accolade at the 21st High1 Seoul Music Awards’ that was organised by Sports Seoul in January this year.

In order to commemorate Sports Seoul’s 27th Founding Anniversary on the 22nd of June, we went in search for the ‘Representative Star of K-Pop’, Super Junior’s dorm. How exactly are the living conditions of the most popular idols? Super Junior’s fans, as well as fans worldwide who are interested in K-Pop, will surely be curious. To unravel the fans’ curiosity, Sports Seoul has recently made a surprise visit to Super Junior’s dorm.

Siwon (right) and Leeteuk sharing their stories in a laid back position. Siwon’s pink pants stands out.

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Report from Taxi

Semalam akhirnya tvn Taxi dengan guest Sungmin, Jessica, dan Luna ditayangkan juga…
Mau tau bocoran pembicaraan mereka?
Di episode kali ini, Mc nanya ke Jessica, “diantara semua, member siapa urutan terbawah yang paling cocok sebagai bagian Snsd?” Jessica menyebutkan nama Seohyun dan menjelaskan bahwa semua member makan dan menikmati makanan seperti snack dan hamburger tapi Seohyun hanya makan bekal yang sudah dia siapkan seperti sayur2an, ubi, dan tomat.
Menanggapi ini Sungmin dengan bercanda menambahkan,

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Donghae’s Interview With ELLE GIRL KOREA (March 2012 Issue)

The name ‘Super Junior’ is not only ours now. As the Leader of K-pop, they’re gaining fandoms not only in Asia but also in the US, Europe, Latin America, Australia, etc. Instead of the ‘untouchable superstar’ image, their familiar and natural charms are more dominant. The average age of the members are now 27 years old. They have dramatically transformed from some cute younger boys, to some warm oppa(s). The culture of South Korea will be incomplete without the presence of their talent and charms in radio, musical, movie, or drama. We had the chance to work with Donghae from Super Junior for his 2nd solo photoshoot. A year ago, he was nervous for his first acting challenge on ‘It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter’.

During the phase, SJ had gotten more popular and Donghae had turned 27. He might have obtained and achieved so many things during that period of time, but his warm and comfortable aura remained the same. The photographer didn’t ask for much pose from him during the photoshoot. In an empty 2nd-floored house, he was just walking, standing by the wall, or merely staring at the camera while thinking. He was being silent during the entire shoot, but he showed his full-of-confidence way of talking during the interview where he expressed his happiness to be part of Super Junior. He regretted not being able to meet the fans around the world due to time constraints and military service. He also confessed how problems come naturally as he gets older. And at the end, he said while laughing “I just live the way I want to!” The word ‘the way I want’ was heard as a “declaration of war”(?) which is full of passion.

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Kyuhyun is someone I really want to thank

[071011 Huh Gak berbicara tentang Kyuhyun dalam interviewnya dengan 10 asie]

Aku sangat ingin berterima kasih pada Kyuhuyun. Saat pertama kali bergabung di ‘Immortal Song 2’ aku merasa sangat canggung karena aku tidak mengenal siapapun, mereka semuanya adalah idol. Tapi Kyuhyun adalah orang pertama yang datang ke ruang tungguku untuk menyapaku, kemudian Jaebum datang dan kita bertiga mulai berbincang-bincang. Continue reading