Congratulation SUPER JUNIOR

Semenjak debutnya Super Junior telah memenangkan 13 Award di GDA. Inilah rekor terbaik selama sejarah GDA diadakan (26 tahun) !!!!!!

4 AWARD yang dibawa pulang SUJU malam ini….

– Most Popularity Award

– Disk Bonsang Award

– MSN JApan Award



Dan inilah ungkapan kebahagian para member melalui blog dan twitter…

Sungmin Blog Update

Title: 4 awards..ㅠㅠThank you~!!

Really really…it’s such a happy day~
We will work harder in the future
as a recompense for the awards everyone’s given us!!

I love you~you’re the best the best!!

Donghae Twitter Update

Super Junior daesang !!!!!!! ELF are the best I love you !! 4 awards !!!

We’ll work harder^^ Thank you !! I love you!! Suju is the best !! ELF is the best!!

Yesung Twitter Update

Golden Disk Daesang we also got 4 awards .. Thank you and I love all ELF all over the world for giving us this award as a gift

Translated by. @pastakyu for @sjworld

Siwon Twitter Update

always proud of you all. and always love you all. thank you for everything. cheers!

thank you all our E.L.F ! We love you forever and ever 🙂

SJ acceptance speech:

We’ve been looking for happiness since November 6, 2005 and we thank the fans for giving us that happiness. When we debuted, no one expected us to succeed. We want thank super managers, Teacher Lee Soo Man and CEO Kim Young Min. Source: [Translate by to @Minnieblues]

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