SSTP With KyuLine

Kyuhyun uri maknae tersayang … yang bisa menjadi evilkyu, weirdkyu  dan babykyu ini… semakin membuat gw gila… gila karena ke keisengannya hahahahahahahah, kali ini uri maknae ini di telpon sama Shindong saat acara SSTP , simak aja ya percakapan mereka ^________________^

Shindong: Hello, Sungmin sshi!

Female guest: Isn’t it Kyuhyun sshi?
Shindong: Oh yah! Kyuhyun sshi. I’m sorry! Kyuhyun ah, I’m Shindong hyung! This is Shimshimtapa, Kyuhyun sshi!

Kyu: Wah!
Shindong: Are you okay?
Kyu: *SSTP’s tagline*
Shindong: What are you doing?! This is live broadcast.
Kyu: Ah, really?
Shindong: What did your voice change suddenly?
Kyu: I thought it’s Sunday. So it’s actually Saturday..
Shindong: What is this.. You’re weird. Please introduce yourself.
Kyu: Me? I’m Super Junior, MBC’s Radio Star important MC, Kyuhyun.

Then Shindong introduced the guests.

Shindong: Kyuhyun sshi is really weird. What are you doing now?
Kyuhyun: Me? Do you know Kyuline?
Shindong: Ah, Kyuline, we’ve seen it in broadcasts.
Kyuhyun: I’m with Kyuline members. Although we have many members, there are only TVXQ’s Changmin and SHINee’s Minho sshi with me.
Shindong: Wa, Kyuhyun sshi, I’m sorry but can you let us talk to the other people?
Kyuhyun: You don’t like me and want to talk to the other people?
Shindong: You’re good, but let us talk to the others too.
Kyuhyun: Who do you want to talk to first?

Then they chose to talk to Changmin.

Kyu: Please wait a while.
Changmin: Hello.
Shindong: Changmin ah, are you okay?
Changmin: Yes, I’m okay.
Shindong: Please introduce yourself.
Changmin: What?
Shindong: Please introduce yourself.
Changmin: Hello, I’m TVXQ’s Changmin.

Then Shindong asked Changmin to sing a song to verify that he’s Changmin. So he sang . And Kyu started laughing crazily in the background.

Changmin: Please wait, do you want to talk to the other people?
Minho: Hi, I’m SHINee’s Minho.
Shindong: This is Shimshimtapa! Please introduce yourself.
Minho: Hi everyone, I haven’t greeted you at SSTP for a long time.
Shindong: Minho sshi was once a fixed guest at SSTP.
Minho: Yes, I was once in the SSTP family.
Shindong: Wait, not “was”. Once a family member, forever a family member.
Minho: Oh yes. I am a family member of SSTP.
Shindong: Are you the magnae of Kyuline?
Minho: Yes.
Shindong: Minho sshi, how can we verify that you are Minho sshi?

Then they made him sing “Noona you are so beautiful”.

Shindong: Thank you Minho sshi, can you let Kyuhyun sshi answer the phone lastly? Thank you Kyuhyun sshi. I didn’t know you were together with them.
Kyu: Actually I knew that SSTP will call me, so I called them along.
Guests: Ah, don’t lie!
Kyu: Cos I can’t do it if I’m alone.
Guests: Why are you saying that..
Shindong: Kyuhyun sshi, don’t be so truthful.
Kyu: Please give me a call again later.
Shindong: Thank you so much. Kyuhyun sshi, would you like to dedicate a song?
Kyuhyun: My dedication?
Shindong: Give us a song which all three of you would like to dedicate. It can also be your own dedication.
Kyu: This is not my own dedication. Let’s say it together.

Then all three of them said Storm.

Kyu: I would like to dedicate Super Junior 5th album’s Storm.
Shindong: Storm is good!
Kyu: Please say it truthfully if you don’t know.
Shindong: Me?
Kyu: Seems like Shindong sshi doesn’t like ballad songs.
Shindong: I like ballad songs! Didn’t I also sing it recently.
Kyu: Is it? Hyung, didn’t you tell me that previously?
Shindong: That’s because it’s sang by you.
Kyu: I would like to dedicate Super Junior’s Storm.
Shindong: Thank you Kyuhyun sshi, Changmin sshi and Minho sshi!


cr pic 曺圭贤吧S2G ASIANISM


Credit & Translation by: HeequeenTing (heequeenting) 
Shared at by uksujusid

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