Song List on SS4

Inilah list 40 lagu yang dibawakan malam ini di SS4 Seoul
1. Superman
2. Opera
3. Twins
4. A man in love
5. Bonamana
6. You’re my endless love
7. Oops
8. Wonder boy
9. Rokkugo
10. Walkin’
11. Henry solo (Baby)
12. Eunhyuk solo
13. Sungmin solo
14. Kyuhyun solo
15. Ryeowook solo
16. Leeteuk solo
17. Shindong solo
18. Good friens
19. Pajama party
20. Feels good
21. Perfection korean version
22. A-CHa
23. Mr. Sipmle
24. Don’t don
25. Zhoumi solo (Because of you)
26. Yesung solo (Kiss me)
27. Siwon solo
28. Donghae solo
29. Storm
30. Y
31. Lovely day (acapella)
32. You and I
33. Our love
34. Doremi song
35. White christmas
36. Dancing out
37. U
38. Sorry sorry
39. Miracle
40. Destiny korean version

credit: @SJia13
compiled by me

5 thoughts on “Song List on SS4

  1. seSUJU.. ko ga da Sunflower, Memorries, Adante ma No Other tu kan song fav w bgt…
    kykny pemilihan laguny kurg tuh.. pa krn da sbgian part yg mrk ga bs dgnti member lain y??

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