[NEWS] 120911 Hangeng akan ke Jakarta dan Surabaya!!



“All My Kingdom Indonesian Fans attention please! our lovely and handsome Han Geng will promote My Kingdom in Jakarta and Surabaya during Sept 22 to 24, please call all of your friends, fans or anyone you know to support Han Geng. More details will be provided later. Stay Tuned!”

Woooaaaahhhh gege~!!! Kyakkyaa~ Gege bakal ke Jakarta dan Surabaya untuk mempromosikan film terbaru-nya yang berjudul “All My Kingdom” pada tanggal 22-24 September 2011..  kalo seandainya barengan sama SJ.. pasti tambah seru tuh.. hehhehe.. whatever..

See you soon in Jakarta, gege.. ^^

Source: All My Kingdom at FB and @dawusheng at Twitter
Shared and Posted by: yazelfreak3424 (www.saranghaeyosuju.com)

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