[220811/Transcript] Heechul calls@ SSTP

Heechul: Listeners of shimshimtapa, I am big space star Kim Heechul.

Shindong: Your voice seems a bit down.

Heechul: What! no!

Shindong: Actually many people were shocked and surprised, how can you enlist quietly?

Gyuri: Please tell us how you feel.

Heechul: Thank you shimshimtapa for letting me call in. Previously members and I talked a lot, with the company also. I thought of what would happen if I went. But I had to go anyway, as a man I have to leave. To tell the truth it’s late anyway. I can be confident because I’m going to come back, so I’m leaving like this. I was going to leave quietly, then Leeteuk and Eunhyuk and Shindong said on radio “Heechul is going to enlist”

Shindong: Our manager also said “Heechul-ah, does nobody know you’re going to enlist?”

Heechul: About a week ago many reporters contacted me and today it was revealed, i’m going to enlist.

Listener: When did you decide to enlist?

Heechul: When I received the enlistment letter.

Listener: Will the members send you off?

Heechul: Actually I can see the members 4 weeks after, it’s not a must for them to send me off. The dongsaengs said that no matter what, they will be there.

Shindong: We will all go, actually on September 1st we need to go to Japan for SMTown, we’re going to be tired and busy but we have to go. Our members can actually just stay in Seoul and have a meal and not follow him to the training camp, but we’re not those types of people, we will be there.

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