[190811] Yoo Heeyeol’s Radio Heaven with Heechul

ngga sengaja dapet ini, pinggin banget di share, dari percakapan sebentar ini kita jadi tambah tahu tentang SJ dan Heechul sendiri.  Mulai dari  mereka (SJ) juga ngomongi GB loh (ckckckck) sampe ide lady Hee …

Heenim: “When Suju first debuted, our fans are called ELF. But I thought I must think of something else. So I called my fans petal and I’m flower. Flower cannot do without petal and petal cannot do without flower.

Heenim: “I have two cats. One is called Heebum, which is the combination of Trax’s Jay, Hankyung, Kibum and my name.”

Heenim: “Eeteuk, Donghae, Ryeowook and I are staying in the dorm together. Although I had thoughts of moving out, but I wanted to be closer with the members, so I stayed on. It’s very fun. We can discuss about girl groups together. When we watch MuBank together, we’ll ‘oh oh oh! Girl group!! Who who who?’”

DJ: “Heechul sshi is 29 years old. Suju has been active for a long time, but girlfriend..?”

Heenim: “I also want to try to be in love once. Because of my fans all over the world, I didn’t have a girlfriend. Now I want to try to be in love.”

Heenim said that he always talk about how he likes girls and want to be in a relationship on TV. It’s better than letting others imagine that he likes guys. Then the DJ started naming the guys Heenim are close with. Eg, Mithra etc. Then Heenim started naming the guys the DJ are close with.

DJ: “XXX is not my style!”

Heenim: “Mithra is absolutely my style! I like guys with beard!”

DJ: “What kind of student were you?”

Heenim: “Someone who likes to play with my friends in school. And I like to go to school. I just met my school friends, after 10 years, some time ago. I like to go to KTV when I was in Secondary school.”

Heenim: “I did a lot of part time jobs when I was a student. I had no dream. I just want to earn money.”

Heenim: “I was late for 30 minutes for the audition. The audition has already ended and the staff asked me to come again tmr. The staff asked where I stayed at and when I said Gangwondo, the team leader said he will listen to me once.”

Heenim: “My parents were happy when I got into SMent. They wanted me to sign 30 years of contract.”

Heenim: “I really like rock and rap.”

DJ: “Do you still have the dream of doing rock?”

Heenim: “I already completed my dream previously when I formed M&D with Jungmo sshi.”

Heenim: “I should go on Sketchbook for once.”

DJ: “Why didn’t you go on Sketchbook when Super Junior went?” Heenim: “Our group has Kyuhyun, Yesung and Ryeowook who are good in singing. I am suitable for interesting and funny shows.”

Heenim is talking about the formation of Super Junior. Then he said “Kyuhyun sshi joined us. This friend can sing very well, has a very nice voice.”

DJ: “Why are you called sub-leader and sub-vocal when you debut as Super Junior?”

Heenim: “What?! Sub-leader and sub-vocal?! This is the first time I hear this after debuting for 6 years!”

Heenim: “Although I’m same age as Teukie, he’s really a very good leader! There’s nothing he can’t do well.”

DJ: “Does Super Junior have any troubles? Both inside your team and outside.”

Heenim: “Yes, there are many. Like the accident I had in 2006 and the accident Eeteuk sshi, Kyuhyun sshi, Shindong sshi and Eunhyuk sshi had in 2007.”

Heenim: “I like concert the best. When Sorry Sorry came out for the start, I was so touched that I almost cried.”

DJ: “How was the performance in Paris?”

Heenim: “I was shocked. I thought, wah these people listen to our songs. They can sing and dance with us and even took our Korea’s flag..”

Heenim said that Wook always go online to look at fans’ comments and Wook received a lot of stress because of that.

DJ: “What are some of your troubles recently?”

Heenim: “The 2 empty years for every guy in Korea..”

Heenim: “Although Teukie and I always complained ‘ah, I’m dying, I’m dying’ when we’re dancing, it’s really interesting!”

Heenim: “Let’s listen to Super Junior’s Mr Sample.. Ah, Mr Simple!”

Heenim said that Radio Star doesn’t give him script. PD said to him “Just do whatever you want.”

Heenim said he wants to do a “Kim Heechul show”, a talk show. Or “Super Junior show” and invite all the girl groups.

DJ: “Who gave you the idea of doing Lady Heehee?”

Heenim: “I did SNSD in SS1 and it had a very big impact. So I thought, ah, indeed, fans like to see guys imitate girls. So I did f(x) in SS2. When it came to SS3, I can’t think of anyone else. So I said, ‘Okay, I want to do Lady Heehee. And I asked Shindong, Hyuk and Hae to do Beyonce.’”

DJ: “Is there anything you’re not satisfied with now?”

Heenim: “Honestly, there’s nothing I’m not satisfied with. I’ve been leading an enjoyable life recently.”

Heenim recommended Wonder Girls’ <So Hot> for closing song. He said although recently he likes APink now, no one can be compared to WG cos there’s Sohee

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