[UNCONFIRMED] TRANS/Description 5집 ‘Mr. Simple’ Tracklist (13 Songs)


3.啦啦啦啦(Be My Girl)
6.不知不觉 我们 (Good Friends)
7.决斗(Feels Good)
10.漫天的想象(White Christmas)
11.Y 作词 东海 chance作曲 东海Chance
12.My Love My Kiss My Heart
13.[Bounce Track] 太完美


1. Mr. Simple
Electronic beat song, describing SJ FUNKY a combination between Sorry Sorry and Miinah.

2. 오페라(Opera)
A dance song with witty lyrics about Super Junior’s status, the most popular group mostly in Asia and spreading to the world. Meaningful and interesting lyrics.

3. 라라라라(Be My Girl)
A dance song with electronic sound

4. Walkin’
A pop dance song with trendy beat. Lyrics about keeping getting better even when it’s hard (I know I sound lame)

5. 폭풍(Storm)
A pop ballad, comparing love and parting with a storm. Sung by K.R.Y., Sungmin and Donghae.

6. 어느새 우리 (Good Friends) -> Acoustic. about Super Junior 6 years.

7. 기억을 따라(Memories)
Yesung’s solo song. A song that fans who love “It has to be you” will like 😀

8. 해바라기(Sunflower) <- Song written by Brandon Fraley, the author who wrote “My Only Girl” in vol 4 😀

9. 엉뚱한상상
A remake from a song in 1996. Jinu’s song.

10. Y
A song that Donghae wrote together with Chance. An R&B Ballad with medium tempo

11. My Love My Kiss My Heart
sung by K.R.Y. R&B Ballad. Even used timpani *it says so, though I don’t really know what it is*

12 & 13.[Bounce Track] (Bonus?) Perfection xD


source: 13이특권 & 3이특권
credit: Psycho蝉儿@weibo
Translated by @LittleAriel13
Posted by @KyuhyunBiased
Reposted by yazelfreak3424 (www.saranghaeyosuju.wordpress.com)

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