SJ BestBrosForever : GENGMIN!~

out of date tapi baru liat^^

HC: Just buy for me…

SM: Hyung I have something to ask of you…

HG: Yes?

SM: This is during a recording so if you promise me you cannot go back on your word. Ok? When you go to China… I am learning martial arts right…

HG: ahah!~

SM: Help me buy a stick

HG: OK! the others want chinese traditional costumes, and heechul too. you want a stick

SM: stick

HG: Stick ok~

SM: Really? Really?

HG: Really!

PD: Pinky swear

SM: Pinky swear. Help me film this down!

KI: What would you buy for me?

HG: What do you want?

KI: What do I want….I want to meet Zhang Zi Yi

HG: Zhang Zi Yi?!

KI: What’s wrong with me? You come out

SM: Don’t want Zhang Zi Yi

HG: She’s my school senior

SM: O really? Senior

HG: Then I don’t know…I don’t know

SM: Give me number…

HG: I don’t know

SM: Ay… Don’t be like this~ ai~ Are you tired? You tired? *massage*…. Zhang Zi yi?

HG: I don’t know… she is senior but i don’t know her.

SM: Dont know?..*disappointed* Zhang Zi Yi~~

HG: When we went, she had already graduated.

SM: Ah~ Really? I see…I want to meet Zhang Zi Yi… Let me meet Zhang Zi Yi please~

PD: Say something to Zhang Yi Zi

SM: Zhang Zi Yi-ssi~ I am your fan I want to meet you. I will work hard to study acting skills. If there is a chance next time, lets film a movie together~

HG: hahaa

SM: Hyung When you are away what do you hope for me? What is your wish.

HG: Song Hye Gyo? I really like her.

SM: Su.. Song Hye Gyo??? Song Hye Gyo ssi…

HG: Pinky swear

SM: EY!! I don’t know don’t know!

HG: Ahahaha~



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