[FanAccount] SJM on the street

This is an excerpt that I translated:

“Around 6pm, was at the East area walking around

As I was walking around the corner, a group of people came from the opposite side, perhaps brushing against my bags.

Feeling a little miffed, I raised my head to see,

I saw a smiley face with lined eyes, a very pretty face flashed by me.

(eh.. what a familiar face…its… its…)

I didn’t have time to react…

The next face is one that was wearing a leopard print cap, very fair skin, smiling..

He looked and smiled at me as he walked past.

(shocked why would anyone look at someone so closely perhaps about 30 cm…he went past)

In a flash, I remembered who that it… The one who just passed me is Eunhyuk… the very pretty one before was Ryeowook.)

In the next moment, I was already following them

Saw them enter a room, they walked really fast.

Then a few fans rushed infront of me gawking, heard them say “where did they go?”

The fans walked up and down the East Area

For a moment I considered telling the fans where they went(but i thought perhaps should just let them(boys) have their own space)

Just at that moment, I had some work to attend to so I stood at the road side, writing an email.

The fans eventually dispersed.

In around 10-15 mins the boys came out as it was a pretty quiet place at the East area.

There was about 6-7 people i guess… there is a girl. (should be a teacher or a translator)

They started walking around the east area as if there were nobody else.

Actually other than Eunhyuk who was dressed like a star(leopard print hat+light coloured denim shirt+normal pants just saying this kind of dressing is pretty dressy at the east area) they look just like normal pedestrians

One was wearing a mask. At first I thought it was Kyuhyun but the height is wrong. Then I realized it was Sungmin

If it weren’t that they bumped into me, I wouldn’t even have realised it was them.

It happened that we are going towards the same area so i followed them alittle

They looked pretty relaxed with no one surrounding them, they walked unnoticed to  a small alley at East area’ where there are many road side stalls.

Smelly bean curd, braised meat, vermicelli

Eunhyuk and Ryeowook looked as if everything was new to them, smiling, talking non-stop turning here and there to look at all the road side stalls

They came to Lai Er Fu’s door just nice, right outside was a stall selling caps

Saw Eunhyuk walk over without turning back„ kept scanning the caps as if he really wanted to shop

(I realised Eunhyuk wasn’t looking at me just now.. he must be looking at my cap)

(coz on my head was a cap which i bought from overseas and its a really cool guy cap)

There really wasn’t any one noticing them on the streets

So they seemed really happy.

They even walked slower and slower, until i think i was about to step on Ryeowook’s shoes already

Ryeowook was walking with the chinese teacher(translator)

Heard the teacher say to ryeowook “shopping(sightseeing)” Ryeowook repeated once “shopping” “we are shopping”

Lastly, we came out of the alley infront of “ding gua gua“‘s traffic light

The group of them stopped to wait (red light), all around me

As it was really too close, the manager still looked at me twice causing me to be afraid to peep

So i just keep looking at my handphone

Occasionally lifting my head to look around

People waiting at the junction did actually look at them but there was no reaction

(just saying that guys at the east area like that are many)

Maybe because they are so relaxed, even sungmin who was wearing the mask removed it eventually.

(I thought it was a staff but its actually sungmin. A little plump, cute, no make up)

Happily talking to the rest heard as if they are discussing where they are going to go next

I secretly peeped at Eunhyuk who was about 50cm away from me

And realised he was looking at me again. Our gaze met again.

Causing me to feel guilty and went back to looking at my handphoen

The wait at the traffic light was really long, i thought they would slowly get recognised

But they didn’t! Should they laugh or cry!

After crossing the road, saw that they are still at their original place, talking for a while then they went back to shop.”

Writer : ambertree31 (珀树) Board: SuperJunior Time:Thu Mar 31 22:51:37 2011

Source: SJ baidu bar

Trans: FayeriELF

The writer likes SJ but isn’t exactly a fan. She just happened to see them on the streets~ 

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