Why Donghae hates pink…

Super old news I know… But I like to dig up old stuff and post here so I can look back and remember…

Today LeeTeuk wore white and DongHae wore black.
Donghae ahh..If let you choose a color to represent yourself.
What will you choose?

Erm..I will choose black.
I like black very much.

You like yellow a lot too right?

Yellow is a nice color too.
I like both dark and bright colors but just don’t like pink.

Ahahaha. You hate pink?

You know the reason why I hate pink?
Because just directly in front of my bed is the wardrobe.
That is SungMin‘s wardrobe and inside his wardrobe,
there are only pink clothes.

Ahahha. I want to wear other color clothes too but there is only pink clothes.

Doll is pink, his pillow is pink, his bag is pink, his clothes are pink even his shoes are also pink.

Actually I am also getting disgusted.

Hope he don’t get illness because of this.

I can understand this.
Actually I have a lot of pink clothes too
but after I think that white is the color that belong to me,
I throw away all my pink clothes~
And also pink belong to SungMin
so I have to create a color for myself and that is white.

LeeTeuk Hyung~ Fight!
(White and Fight in Korean have the same sound.)

taken from DANHOBAK-doll (http://fayerielf.tumblr.com)

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