Love isn’t just about saying “SARANGHAEYO OPPA!!”

I started off writing this in chinese.. lol… but changed it to English in the end… so it sounds strange sometimes…

So I’ve been pretty disturbed by all the craziness within the fandom. I wish people would just behave themselves. When you claim that you love Super Junior, is it just words or have your actions actually reflect the love you have for them?

Do these actions show that you love them?

Pulling/Grabbing Them

What good will it do for you? Will you be able to take them home? What good will it do for them? All you will leave behind is a bad impression. What happens if someone falls? Will it make you feel good? You want them so badly, you just want a piece of them, but will ever get them? No. Is this love?

Chasing After Them/Stalking

Knowing the situation, they’d surely have the curtains of the vehicles drawn. What good will it do you if you chase after them? Its not like you can see them. Even if you do, are you trying to say that you are willing to put theirs and your own lives in danger just for that one extra glimpse? It is not like our boys have not been through their fair share of accidents, we all know how traumatized they were how hurt they got and the endless days and nights of worrying on our part. Your obsessive need to see them again… Is that love?

Throwing Things on Stage

This is what I can never get. Of course, you love them, you want to give them nice things, but they are grown men working for their own salary, do you really think they need your gifts? Ok lets just say your gifts are just your way of saying you love them. But is throwing your gifts to them showing respect and love? It might be a culture thing but for me, but throwing stuff to a person has always been seen as disrespectful. Have you ever thought for them for a moment that “hey, it might hurt them when I throw something on stage”? Your generous intentions, but selfish actions…. Is that love?

I think it all just boils down to common sense. Would you throw a hard object at anywhere with people? It seems like in the heat of the moment, some ELF have totally lost their senses. That said, are they not to be blamed? I am SICK of all the people sticking up for such fans. So, since they lost their senses, they don’t have to be responsible for their actions? Of course I am not agreeing with the death threats etc. but constantly going “Oh Heechul already forgave her why can’t we FORGET about this?” is just stupid. Yes we should forgive if she really didn’t mean it, but I think that we should NEVER forget this and take it as a lesson.

What does this stage look like to you? Some garbage dump.

Yes of course the boys do have fun with some of the things you throw on stage. But is there a need to? Most of the time, they just throw the things back into the crowd anyway. Is there really a need to throw things onto the stage? If you weigh the pros and cons… They might get hurt from the throwing of stuff, they might trip over the things… when they throw the things back into the crowd, fans get hurt fighting over it. Is it really worth it?

Does looking at this image stir up a pang in your heart? Then why not THINK before-hand about what you are going to do before actually causing it?

I think as ELF who really care about the boys, we need to rethink this whole Super Show thing after our lesson learnt from Heechul’s accident. Some of them have already stated their stand that they don’t want stuff being thrown to the stage, Heechul have said before in the GQ interview that he does not like stalker fans. As ELF who truly love Super Junior, shouldn’t it be the time for us to really show them that we care for and love them enough to respect their wishes and safety rather than just screaming “SARANGHAEYO OPPA”?

爱不是单单用言语表达的…你们的行为,真的表达了你的爱吗?这 样的伤害,是爱他们吗?



4 thoughts on “Love isn’t just about saying “SARANGHAEYO OPPA!!”

  1. They werent an animal that doing some show..
    They just human being that can feel ill if you throw something…
    Be a SMART ELF that not only love them but have a RESPECT and GOOD BEHAVE to SUPER JUNIOR are what they want..

  2. As an ELF…
    I don’t really want suju oppa get hurts…
    we should control ourself… if we meet with them…

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