KyuMin Moment on SS3 Shanghai

LOL, Calvin Klein underwear??

I never thought that KyuMin would be sitting together on the plane. When it was time to get off the plane, Kyuhyun still wore a dead sleepy face. Sungmin, sitting next to him started to softly nudge him, then Kyuhyun slowly opened his eyes and fell asleep again. Sungmin called him again and slowly inched closer, he leaned really close, and whispered to him. Really cute. Then Kyuhyun finally woke up. [By vincent是曺圭贤的汤 / Trans by @MinBunny]

credit for pics: as tagged | taken from raicandxd’s twitter and
reup/shared: ar3_the

5 thoughts on “KyuMin Moment on SS3 Shanghai

  1. U must be sleepy ya De..
    Its Calvin Klein instead Clavin Klein..

    Hihihihi… I love them KyuMin..
    Mrka tuh deket bgt.. ^^

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