Heechul said will forget about this

MissA Jia dan Shangchu (temen AB-lines Hee) ngasih kabar terbaru terkait masalah heenim yg kena lemparan malam ini…

missA Jia weibo Updated:

Just heard that my “student” Hee chul Oppa has hit his eyes by something that threw from fans during the show! I have sent regards to him~He said will forget about it this time~No matter how don’t throw things to stage anymore!And thanks u all for celebrating their Debut 6th anniversary! Help ~~~Safety Come first! ㅜㅡㅜ

刚刚听说我的"学生"金希澈哥哥在表演的时候被Fans扔东西砸到了眼睛!我有问候他~他说这次扔了算了~无论怎样千万不要往舞台上扔东西了!还有很 谢谢你们帮他们过六周年!都转一下啊~~~安全第一啊!ㅜㅡㅜ


@Heedictator SuJu’s fans! I had a phone call with Heechulie, he asked us not to worry, and said ‘Man should have a wound on the face. Isn’t it manly?”. Seems like it’s upset and tough even though he said like that. Please don’t throw whatever thing to the stage! Heechul said he can’t use twitter.

@Heedictator 슈주팬분들! 희철이랑 통화했는데 걱정하지말라고 얼굴에 상처 하나정도는 있어야지 좀 남자답지 않냐고 하네요. 말은 그렇게 해도 속상해하고 힘들어 하는 듯.. 무대위로 뭐 던지지 마세요! 희철이 트위터가 안된데요.

cr: shangchu’s twitter, MissA Jia’s weibo
Eng trans: @Jinn8812elf @sinyi88
shared: ar3_the @sarangHaeyoSUJU.wordpress.com

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