260611 FanAccount SS3 in Manila

Hi! I just got back from the concert!! OH MY GOD. IT WAS ONE HECK OF A SUPER SHOW. XD
They were really amazing!! I just wished it was longer and Zhou Mi was there and all that.

Anyways, will just write a brief fan account from what I could remember now. Maybe I’ll post again soon once I check my cam and phone. :’)

Yesung was really overwhelmed when the fans started to sing along with him during his solo. He even said “Thank you very much!” after he sang the whole. Then he smiled and I know he was really amazed by all the fans. There were lots of EunHae/ShiMin. :) )) They were so playful on stage and they keep picking up the things the fans throw at the stage. I don’t know why but I think Shindong is sick or something. He was hurt right after they took off their vegetable costumes. :( Siwon had to carry him backstage to rest for a while.

Heechul was hyper! Haha. When he went to the left side (our side) of the mosh pit area, came near to us but he didn’t allow us to hold his hand/arm. :(Eunhyuk was also very interactive with the fans. He went to our side quite a few times. He, Kyuhyun and Siwon came near to us and shook hands with the fans. I was a little disappointed I didn’t get to hold Kyuhyun’s hand. Oh, Kyuhyun threw AUTOGRAPHED plastic balls to the mosh pit area. Lucky fans who got one. :3 And during introductions, he said, “Hello everyone. I’m Kyuhyun.” IN PERFECT ENGLISH. SOBS. ♥♥♥ HIS SOLO TOO. CRIES. He did it beautifully. ♥

Ryeowook was always interacting with the fans. Always smiling and waving to us.:D He was also playful during Yoriwang. Haha. Cute tomato! :3 Donghae rarely came to our side. :( But he was always waving to us too.

Eunhyuk said “YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS.” LMAO. Precious. ♥ It was so cute when Yesung covered his mouth after saying that. :D Sungmin was also playful during Wonder Boy. He was the one who started throwing plastic balls to us and such. And one of the highlights of the one was when Henry said, “MANILA IS THE LOUDEST!!!” ♥♥♥ Too precious, Henry. :>

Again, this is all that I could remember now. Please correct me if I made a mistake. Will definitely put a decent fan account and share some photos/video soon. ♥

Thank you, Super Junior! Super Show 3 Manila was amazing! :D ♥♥♥♥♥

Credits: tallandsimple @ sj-world.net | forallthatsworth @ tumblr


Anyway, still uploading my fancams. but this two are my favorite! :D

All My Heart
It Has to be You – Yesung Solo


IDK where to start, but I’ll try my very best to tell what I remember, because I can’t sleep if I won’t be able to share it.
WARNING I think this will be RANDOM. Sorry.

Moving on.
SCREAM SCREAM AND MORE SCREAM, the best part ^^ The scream were just too loud. Haha! And it made the show epic anyway.
Sorry Sorry, and the screams are getting louder, and gosh, when they appeared, I don’t know where to look at ASDFGH Why are they so fair-skinned? The stage was so big that the audience were very near, srsly.
Super Girl! Henry danced asgdsjk Saw his new hair, sooo adorable -__-
No Other! The fan project red hearts was successful! Seeing Teuk and Minnie showering blue confettis with the audience waving the red hearts ❤ I think some members noticed it, like Hee, because he kept on doing the heart sign :)
Then Rokkugo! Teuk Hyuk Min Shindong keep on doing the exercise thingy on the floor, and Hee is just watching. but then he joined and he did it many times :) )
Henry Bieber’s Baby! A better version of baby, srsly. With the piano thingy? GAH
Don’t Don! Hee playing the drums IDEK..
First MENT! Sooo funny xD Esp the intro, i love ❤ They really tried their best introducing in English, that’s why most are one-two liners :D I remembered ye’s intro, He said Hello, then Hi, and that’s it? Hahahaha And Teuk’s intro.. THE EVER-SO-EPIC LAUGH =))
DOWN! Hyuk performed Down in Manila ASDGKSLDS It was so good esp the break dance part >_<
TRAX JUNGMO! Why so handsome? For awhile, I though he looked like Ye -__-
Cooking Cooking! Ye is still onion and Hae brocolli, hmm.. why? :P Anyway, Pumpkin Min so funny he fell down and he can’t get up, Hyuk came to him and kicked him but didn’t get him up Poor Ming :) ) He’s struggling that I want to help him, I even watched him closely :) ) Then when taking the veggie costumes out, Ye was bullying Shindong, then something happened, SD can’t get up and stuffs like that, everyone came to him while Teuk is on his own world dancing by himself xD
Poker Face, etc! Hee is soooo beautiful -___- And gosh, he bullied one of the girl dancers, IDK what to call it but …. LOL Seeing the 3 main dancers dance Single Ladies? EPIC they were so goood.
All My Heart! favorite song ❤ Finally saw them perform it live asdgfka.. But on the acMiapella part? HEEHYUK SO CUTE such dorks, they were doing their best posing different styles which is adorably funny :>
Ye’s solo! WAYLT ;___; You melted me, Ye.. Everyone, as in everyone sang with him.. And he saw it gosh I’m so glad I’ve memorized the song. His gorgeous smile on the end, killed me =__= Such beautiful voice;;
I cant remember the song -__- But there was this balloon hammer that Ye got from the fans and started hitting Hae, unfortunately hae got the balloon quickly and hit him back YEHAE Another song i can’t remember is when the boys got pictures on the fans, childhood pictures of them HAHAHA EPIC
Last MENT! Doing their best speaking in English. Sooo funny xD So adorable that they want to show off LOL.. Esp EunHae xD No one can stop their mouth HAHA But Ye can. When Hyuk said “You are so gorgeus” Ye covered his mouth :) ) Hae kept on saying, “are you good?” “good job” LOL While Teuk’s line, “are you happy?” HAHAHAHA Some of their English words I didnt understood, but GAAAAH, it’s okay, guys ;)
Ending! Final Bow! saying lots of “Thank youssss” But of course, what everyone knew of, Henryyyyy moment! With Teuk! Haha! “PHILIPPINES IS THE LOUDEST” accdg to Henry and we are soo proud of it :> IDK if the boys understood it, LOL they didnt talk when Henry talked =)) Maybe when they saw the audience expression, that’s when Teuk started asking Henry to translate stuffs.. And seeing it in the big screen, IS SOOO EPIC They keep on whispering on each other’s ears HAHAHA Like no one’s waiting for them =)) And Ye! He hit Henry with the balloon hammer, because he said “Leeteuk said..” without the Hyung. HAHAHAHA CUTE HenSung moment :”>

OHGOSH, I can;t remember some stuffs anymore, I hope I could edit this nicely when i came back here. And I am sorry because I have only few pairs involved, it’s just so hard to pick who to look at -___- Esp when at the center HOHO JK :DAnyhow, no one could beat their brotherly bond I SO LIKE IT LOVE IT TREASURE IT 3.gif Will look forward for 5thJib and SUPERSHOW4 HAHAHAHA mhm.gif

SARanghaElf@SJWorld.net & YT


This is my fanaccount about SS3 Manila. This will be a long post, please read it till the end. Thank you:) ~I’m MinWook & 83-line-biased,but I’ll also post about other members.~

I just got home & I still feel that I’m inside Araneta Coliseum watching Super Junior & Trax perform! In a matter of 3 hours,Korea’s best idol group Super Junior managed to perform around 25 songs (solo & group performances). Here’s my fan account about the event: (I sat at the right side of the venue, I will write the events that I saw during the concert.)

As early as 4 PM (GMT +8), the gates were opened. ELFs from different places came to support the boys, most people wore Blue and shirts with Super Junior designs. When the lights were dimmed (concert was about to start),the Araneta Coliseum was filled with Sapphire Blue Sea. It was my first time to attend Super Show,so I was really amazed by the Sapphire Blue Sea. A VTR was shown, then Donghae surprised us when he flew up from the stage.. Then,Super Junior was on stage,dancing the intro, they sang Sorry Sorry, follow by Super Girl (Korean), Don’t Don (Heechul on drums,Jay sang,Jungmo on guitar,Henry on violin).

2nd VTR was shown, then Super Junior sang No Other.Fans raised the “No Other Hearts” (fan project) & Shindong noticed them,so he pointed to the hearts & made a heart sign. After that, each member introduced himself:
~Heechul: Fans chanted “Uyubitkal Kim Heechul, Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul”
~Siwon: introduced himself in English
~Kyuhyun: did an Egyptian dance (It was cute!)
~Yesung: wore an Indian hat
~Ryeowook: cute dance:)
~Sungmin: played a toy guitar
~Eunhyuk: “What’s up Philippines??!”
~Donghae: wore a soldier-like hat
~Shindong: introduced himself in Chinese
~Leeteuk: looked like an Arab,he was laughing & laughing & laughing (His laughter is contagious! high pitched “Leeteuk laughter”) & he said “Mabuhay Philippines!”. He threw water bottles to fans.

SuJu sang Confession, then Good Person (SuJu crazily ran around the stage & they held a poster of Shindong with abs!). Next was Rokkugo (at the later part of the song SuJu sat on the center of the stage,then they lied down & lifted their legs!They looked like they were exercising,but funny.)

Another VTR was shown (about KRY). Then Ryeowook’s solo One Fine Spring Day with Sungmin on guitar. (*I’m a MinWook-biased. When I see Ryeowook & Sungmin on TV they look like they move femininely, but when I watched them personally,they are really masculine! & Ryeowook’s voice was perfect together with Sungmin’s guitar skills.) Eunhyuk & Donghae performed I Wanna Love You (sexy dance, Eunhae showed their abs OMG 0_0), followed by Kyuhyun’s solo (a Chinese song, I don’t know the title. His voice,ah crystal clear! Unlike any other!). Next solo performance was by Sungmin, a sexy dance number of the song If You Leave (Sungmin is FREAKIN HOT!), then Siwon’s solo Looking For The Day (good English pronounciation & lovely voice! He talked to the audience in English during his solo.) Eunhyuk’s time to do a solo performance, he’s a DANCE MACHINE, sang Down (good English pronounciation too!), then Henry’s solo Baby (first on piano~I love the piano arrangement~ then he danced while singing.)

Next was a VTR (about Super Junior T), then SuJu T sang Tok Tok Tok (they wore sparkling coats. At the later part of the song,Heechul started dancing A-ing of Orange Caranmel while singing,soon after all the members danced A-ing while singing too!). Next song was You and I, Yesung was doing selcas (He posted it on his Twitter). SuJu walked around the stage like a train while singing (Finally I saw all of them clearly when they walked to our side! They’re all handsome!) Sungmin held a Eunhyuk cardboard face & a toy rose from the audience. Trax performed Oh My Goddess (I’m also happy coz besides Super Junior, I also saw Trax! Ah Jay’s rocker voice & Jungmo’s unbelievable guitar skills!) And here comes one of my favorite performances: Heechul’s cross-dressing! Heechul as Lady Hee, lip-synced to Poker Face (truly milky-white skinned! He is beautiful!), followed by Single Ladies by Shindong, Donghae & Eunhyuk (to see them cross-dressing was really fun!)

There was a VTR (fight scences of SuJu). They sang Shake It Up, Twins, then Hate You Love You. Members were sitting on stage. Then they performed Rinaldo, playing imaginary musical intstruments while Kangin’s on the video. (At first,the members played imaginary instruments individually, then as the song builded up, they all played together like an orchestra, one of my favorite performances too! It was very dramatic together with the white confetti scattered around the coliseum & it made me miss Kangin!

A VTR (Super Junior’s dedicated song to ELFs) was shown. Then SuJu sang a song (I forgot the title,it’s included in the 4th Album) And Heechul did a couple of hand stands! (I was surprised! I never thought Heechul would do a hand stand!) Then, Yesung’s turn to sing solo It Has To Be You (in the later chorus part,he let the audience sing the whole chorus!) Another VTR was shown (Super Junior high-class).

It’s Bonamana time! Siwon & Leeteuk were semi-shirtless (they wore coats, then Leeteuk took off his coat on his solo part in Bonamana! Another HOT moment!) Then they sang another song A Man In Love (I’m not sure about the title.) They did a “tribal-like” dance in the middle which was really cool (still sang A Man In Love), by this time Siwon was shirtless already! (HOTNESS OVERLOAD!) After, SuJu sang Cause I Can’t Stop. I saw Leeteuk took the “Teuk Heart with Wings” (fan project),then Dancing Out. Leeteuk (jokingly) said goodbye, but the audience chanted “We want more!”. Suddenly, a VTR of Super Junior cartoon (SuJu as vegetables!) was shown, then they sang Cooking Cooking, wearing veggie costumes (Me being Sungmin-biased again, Sungmin was so cute while wearing the Pumpkin, he did a few aegyo acts~Sungmin Aegyo King). Then SuJu sang a song (Sorry again coz I don’t know the title.) This time, Shindong was lying on the stage, he got cramps & Siwon gave him a piggy-back ride. Siwon brought Shindong backstage.) Also, Siwon & Eunhyuk almost kissed when they ate a cookie! SuJu talked to the fans, they spoke in English. (One of the phrases Eunhyuk said was the famous line YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS! Made me remember Super Junior Full House.) They sang Wonder Boy (Donghae & Siwon chased each other around the stage,Ryeowook wore bunny ears headband & Filipino native backpack made from banig, Shindong wore a Filipinoo hat called Salakot Donghae wore a purple tshirt of Kyuhyun’s Twitter profile picture~the white egg with purple background). Eunhyuk held an inflated balloon hammer & pat Yesung’s butt. By this time, the audience was chanting KAJIMA while Super Junior bid farewell while walking around the stage.

Leeteuk said goodbye in different languages, Henry said goodbye too. He mentioned that Zhou Mi wasn’t able to come (I’m sad that Zhou Mi wasn’t present!) Leeteuk talked about the 5th album, he spoke in Korean so Henry translated Leeteuk’s messages in English for the audience to understand (since most of the ELFs present were Filipinos). Finally, Super Junior left the stage.. Leeteuk was the only one on the stage, he gave his Boys in City shirt to a fan & he took a final bow & left the stage. Concert ended. (Aww!)

Time really flew fast! Super Show has ended. It was a great show! Of course it was great coz it’s by Super Junior. As I watched each member perform (in group & solo), I saw their 100% effort in the performances. And they all sang live, their voices were like the voices on the CDs, but I was amazed coz they really sang live, that proves how great their voices are! Most SVIP & VIP fans were lucky coz they got to interact with Super Junior closely, but I was also blessed coz I sat behind VIP fans & the view was still awesome! The boys were just 12 meters away from me. In most of the songs I stood up & waved my lightstick (I’m very happy coz I got the original Super Junior lightstick!) to show support for Super Junior, & participated in fan projects.

Thank you Super Junior for giving a great performance last night!:D Hope to see you again personally (I wanna fly to Korea!) Super Junior saranghaeyo!!

thanks to http://sentisymphony.blogspot.com

taken from  uksujusid (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

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