7 thoughts on “210211 Super Junior-M_太完美_MUSIC VIDEO

  1. Bounce To The Music Let Your Feet Go Round
    to the floor and Iam break it down
    Let Me in let me show you all my blink blink
    and all my Kicks Kicks baby dance with me
    Can I Get another clap clap clap let’s go,
    shake your body move your body
    pick your feet up
    Im a move to the groove baby I’ma go all Out


    • iya bener banget, siwon datang dan pergi secara tiba2, tapi mending sih dari pada di MV No Other ga ikut ngedance hehehehee

      *jadi inget MV Sorry Sorry versi Dance xxixxixi*

  2. Well itu Eunhyuk kenapa jadi mempesona dalam suit seperti itu….*dies*

    Iya nie kok Umin dikit banget yah…mpe bingung mw nyari Umin dimana

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