Interview with Heechul in GQ Magazine

Minnie mengartikannya cukup lama, karna ada 5 halaman interview yang diposting. Dari awal Minnie bilang DO NOT EDIT THE IMAGE, DO NOT HOT LINK, jadi saia langsung reup saja ya, hehe.. Ada niatan ngartiin ke Indo, tapi kayanya bakal makan waktu yang lumayan, jadi selamat baca yang ini..  Kalian akan tahu Heenim lebih dalam.. Yang paling ngena narsisnya saat bilang I’M LIKE GOD IN CHINA.. Ampun deh oppa, hahaha…

“i don’t think that a fan who says bad words is really a fan, the person who debates about how to improve is a fan but bad words are bad words” => suka banget ma omongan Heechul yang ini.

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2 thoughts on “Interview with Heechul in GQ Magazine

  1. i really can feel and understand how he feels since we are the same star sign.
    i think he is loved, cared, nurtured and understood by the company; despite the bad impression and words on the company; is because he is doing the same to the company.
    loyalty. that’s what make him different and special ^^

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