HyukMin’s Letter

baru nemu, sepertinya ini udah lama banget, cuma mau share aja buat yg belum pernah baca ^^

A letter from Eunhyuk :

Annyeong Sungmin, I am your fan, ah~that’s so mushy. Actually A am not your fan.
Though I am not, I am not anti either. Ah` Please read this letter carefully.
You really keep buying pumpkin, you just keep buying.

But, wont’t you feel sad eating this? I really can’t bear to abandon you whenever you say that can’t let go. YA! But I thought everyone is like this too.
Because I know and understand that you are a-fox.

Why do you eat saesage together with Kangin? If you know that the past Youngwoon Hyung. Kangin is a cunning and scheming fellow, you should just stay away from him ASAP.

Before debut, you only stick around and play with the jewel guy Eunhyuk the whole day. But recently, why are you only playing with Kangin?
This is not right~~ In my opinion, you are most compatiable with Eunhyuk.
Hey Hyukjae, I’m just a super junior fan.

Because this is a fan’s warning, you are not allowed to talk bad about me.
Quickly go and write a memorandum and I expect your reply within 3 days.

If not, I will go out with donghae. You must really think for the both of us.
Remember!! Do not talk bad about me.

—written by a super junior fan.

P.s: Probably due the way I write and my handwriting, but I’m not Lee Hyukjae!!

Reply from Sungmin :

Annyeong everyone ~~ This Sungmin, KK

A while back, i’ve received a letter… KK
After reading it, I realized I’ve been playing/hanging out with Kangin Hyung recently.

It seems that someone can’t bear with this ah~~!!
I will play/hang around more with Eunhyuk in future~~KKKK
So please don’t hate Sungmin ><//

P.s: Hyukjae ah, Youngwoon Hyung had already read that letter, so I think it’s better taht you escape now ah ~KK

Translate by Shirle @Baidu Hyukmin Bar
Shared by ar3_the @SarangHaeyoSUJU.wordpress.com

9 thoughts on “HyukMin’s Letter

  1. Hahahahahahaa,,ga kebayang gmn ketakutannya si Eunhyuk pas tau Kangin baca surat itu.,,Hahahahahaha…
    Sumpah lucu bnr ini isinya..

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  3. haha ada2 ajah kelakuan autis anak2 suju .
    haduuuh makin g bisa lepas dari ELF nih . makin sarang ma mereka . . .

    • idk too.. just wanna share what i found ^^ hope it’s true since we can see handwriting from hyuk and sungmin posted in his minyhompy?

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