[FF] Blessed

Title : Blessed
Fandom : Super Junior
Characters : Sungmin, Kyuhyun
Rating : G
Length : super-short fic, 430 words
Summary : Sungmin felt a little down after shooting for a certain show…
Notes: un-beta-ed.


It was fun, Sungmin thought as he recalled what they did and what they talked about in the show. It was fun, but… somewhere deep inside, his heart was hurt a little. Talk shows were ruthless sometimes. He tried not to care, but it still hurt. It hurt because it was the truth and he knew it. Sungmin inhaled deeply and slowly let out his breath. He wondered when he would finally be suited for talk shows like that, or if he ever would.

As if reading his mind, Kyuhyun – who was sitting behind him in the van – reached out and squeezed his shoulder softly from behind.

Hyung~” he whispered to Sungmin.

The squeeze was weak and awkward, because Kyuhyun could only use the tips of his fingers, considering the height of the seat covering most of Sungmin’s back. Even so, Sungmin got the message.

Sungmin turned his head a little so he could show his roommate an assuring smile.

“I’m fine, Kyu,” he said very slowly, not wanting to let everyone else’s attention turn to him nor waking Donghae who was sleeping soundly beside him.

“…okay,” Kyuhyun replied, and Sungmin knew he wasn’t satisfied with his answer, but decided to drop the topic.

Sungmin closed his eyes and listened intently to the sound of the car engine, trying hard to lull himself to sleep. It didn’t work. He stayed awake during their way home. He stayed awake even after he was lying sprawled on his bed while Kyuhyun was busy gaming away in front of his laptop.

He didn’t realize when he finally fell asleep, but he suddenly woke up and it was dark. The lights were off and Kyuhyun’s soft snore filling every corner of their shared room. Sungmin shifted and noticed that his blanket was snugly tucked around his body. He blinked. He didn’t remember wearing the blanket~

Kyuhyun made one particularly loud snore (unintentionally, of course, he’s really sleeping), turning Sungmin’s attention to him.

Of courseKyu, you sneaky magnae… Sungmin smiled, pulling his blanket up to his chin and he closed his eyes again, contented.

When he woke up in the morning, the heavy mood he was feeling the other day had disappeared completely, and the only thing he thought about was how such a simple gesture from the younger boy could make him feel that he was, in spite of not being a good speaker in talk shows (and now it seemed like such a trivial matter, he wondered why he even fussed over it in the first place), always so blessed with happiness.

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